Whitewater's Noelle Parker won her third straight state title in the shot put, while setting a state record in the process. (Special Photo)

GIRLS STATE TRACK MEET: Our Lady of Mercy wins Class A crown, Southern Crescent sees over a dozen individual champs

ELCA's T'Aja Cameron won state championships in the 200 meters, triple jump and 4x400 relay. She was one of several multi-event state champs from the four-county area. (PHOTO: Jeff Hurndon Photography)

ELCA’s T’Aja Cameron won state championships in the 200 meters, triple jump and 4×400 relay. She was one of several multi-event state champs from the four-county area. (PHOTO: Jeff Hurndon Photography)

Whitewater's Noelle Parker won her third straight state title in the shot put, while setting a state record in the process. (Special Photo)

Whitewater’s Noelle Parker won her third straight state title in the shot put, while setting a state record in the process. (Special Photo)

ALBANY, Ga. — Hugh Mills Stadium was the site where Southern Crescent area track teams strutted their stuff in impressive fashion during the 2015 state track & field meet Friday and Saturday.

In all, the four-county area saw 14 of its athletes take home individual state championships, while Our Lady of Mercy out of Fayetteville took home the team state crown in Class A, besting 2014 state champ Eagle’s Landing Christian with 104 total points out of 16 scored events. The Lady Chargers finished with 70 points.

Headlining the individual gold medal winners was Whitewater’s Noelle Parker, a three-time state champion in the shot put. Parker, a Jacksonville University signee, topped the field by hoisting a state record 46-foot, 9 1/2 inches throw to grab her third straight crown.

In Class A, it was ELCA sophomore T’Aja Cameron repeating as individual state champion in the 200 meters with a time of 24.41 seconds. Cameron’s time solidified a new Class A state meet record, edging out Mount Zion-Carroll’s Hannah Wood who posted a 24.57 time back in 2012.

Cameron also helped the Lady Chargers’ capture gold in the 4×400 relay, joining Sydney Spencer, Taylor Aguillard, Parker Pinholster and Ansley Goode with a finishing time of 4:04.11, and also added a gold medal in the triple jump with a jump of 37 feet, 4 1/2 inches.

Meanwhile, Our Lady of Mercy’s Leah Banks walked away with individual crowns in the 400 meters and long jump, and Strong Rock’s Sydney Force was victorious in the 300 meter hurdles, edging out Our Lady of Mercy’s Alion Belvin with a 45.67 second time.

In Class AAAA, Fayette County High saw a pair of individual title winners in Chinyere Njoku who finished the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 13.84 seconds, and  Asia Green who’s  5-foot 8-inch high jump was good enough to net her the top spot.

In Class AAAAA it was the Forest Park pair of sophomore Lauren Epps and Georgia Tech-bound Bria Matthews grabbing gold. Epps did it in the 300 meters with a winning time of 43.03 seconds, while Matthews posted a 43-foot, 5 1/2 inch triple jump mark that was enough for her to hold off second place jumper Alexis Farley of Starr’s Mill. The two flip-flopped positions in the long jump with Farley winning it with a jump of 19 feet, 5 1/2 inches — just 2 1/2 inches better than second place Matthews.

Below is a full listing of state placers from Clayton, Henry, Fayette and Spalding counties. Here is where you’ll find complete, all-class results from this past weekend’s state meet.

Check back with thecrescentbuzz.com later in the week for several feature profiles on some of our area state champions, as well as Class A team champion Our Lady of Mercy.


Southern Crescent Finishers Girls State Track Meet:



100 Meter Dash
2. Sydney Spencer, ELCA 12.36

200 Meters
1. T’Aja Cameron, ELCA, 24.41

400 Meters
1. Leah Banks, Our Lady, 56.89
5. Courtney Johnson, Our Lady, 1:01.58
8. Kayland Thomason, ELCA, 1:03.66

800 meters
6. Pauline Cobb, Our Lady of Mercy, 2:24.33

100 Meter Hurdles
3. Leah Banks, Our Lady, 15.18
4. Janelle Morris, Our Lady, 15.75

300 Meter Hurdles
1. Sydney Force, Strong Rock, 45.67
2. Alion Belvin, Our Lady, 46.37
8. Janelle Morris, Our Lady, 49.87

4×100 Relay
1. Our Lady, (Arianna Blake, Deja Barthell, Landy Thomas, Leah Banks, Alion Belvin) 48.14

2. ELCA, (T’Aja Cameron, Sydney Spencer, Taylor Aguillard, Palmer Pinholster, Parker Pinholster) 48.48

4×400 Relay
1. ELCA (Taylor Aguillard, T’Aja Cameron, Parker Pinholsteron, Ansley Goode, Kayland Thomason), 4:04.11

2. Our Lady, (Deja Barthell, Courtney Johnson, Alion Belvin, Leah Banks, Landy Thomas), 4:09.14

4. Our Lady B (Erthaly Thomas, Pauline Cobb, Mary Angel Ekeze, Janelle Morris, Kalani Franklin, Aiyanna Ushery) 4:14.83

High Jump:
7. Janelle Morris, Our Lady, 4-08
8. Kaitlyn Yancey, ELCA, J4-08.

Girls Long Jump:
1. Leah Banks, Our Lady, 18-02
3. Sydney Spencer, ELCA, 17-06.75
7. Deja Barthell, Our Lady, 15-10.50

Triple Jump
1. T’Aja Cameron, ELCA, 37-4.50
3. Deja Barthell, Our Lady, 35-00.

Shot Put
1. Abigail Rogers, ELCA, 41-03.25


Girls High Jump
2. Moena Battle, North Clayton, 5-02.00

Shot Put
3. Janessa Kennedy, North Clayton, 36-04.00


400 Meters
7. Kiana Banks, Hampton, 56.72

800 Meters
2. Betty Jackson, Eagle’s Landing, 2:16.35
4. Vadaija Boykin, Hampton, 2:18.97
5. Sholonda Snell, Henry County, 2:19.99

1600 Meters
8. Sholonda Snell, Henry County, 5:33.79
10. Amaya Anderson, Fayette County, 5:40.85

100 Meter Hurdles
1. Chinyere Njoku, Fayette County, 13.84
3. Detrich Lodge, Eagle’s Landing, 14.52
6. Jessica Watkins, Fayette Coutym, 14.85

300 Meter Hurdles
3. Jessica Watkins, Fayette County, 43.86
7. Alexis Willis, Sandy Creek, 45.97

4×100 Relay
4. Fayette County (Asia Green, Lauren Newbold, Jessica Watkins, Chinyere Njoku, Sylvia Freeman, Olivia Bailey), 47.68

4×400 Relay
2. Hampton (Kiana Banks, Vadaija Boykin, Amber Gordon, Skylur Taylor) 3:55.44
5. Fayette County, (Olivia Bailey, Jessica Watkins, Lauren Newbold, Asia Green, Kyra Byrant, Chinyere Njoku)

High Jump
1. Asia Green, Fayette County, 5-08.00
3. Imani Carmouche, Mt. Zion-Jonesboro, 5-6.00
8. Darryl Langford, Fayette Coumty, 5-00.
12. Jayanna Berry, Hampton, J5-00.

Pole Vault
6. Hope Lovelady, Spalding, J9-6.00

Long Jump
2. Jessica Watkins, Fayette County, 18-10.50
5. Detrich Lodge, Eagle’s Landing 18-01.50
14. Briah McBride, Jonesboro, 16-7.00
16. Tyeisha Juhan, Mt. Zion, 16-02.00

Triple Jump
5. Nailah Moore, Fayette County, 37-3.50
8. Tyeisha Juhan, Mount Zion, 36-07.50
12. Lauryn Oglesby, Fayette County, 35-3.00

Shot Put
1. Noelle Parker, Whitewater, 46-09.50
5. Alexis Gant, Eagle’s Landing, 38-11.00
7. Chinyere Njoku, Fayette County, 38-0.

3. Alexis Gant, Eagle’s Landing, 122-0.
10. Rikkelle Miller, Fayette County, 105-03
12. Noelle Parker, Whitewater, 100-03
16. Ni’Jah Key, Jonesboro, 87-11


100 Meters
3. DeAndra Greer, Woodland, 12.03
7. Ghnerya Hicklen, Drew, 12.32
8. Temperance Newsome, Woodland, 12.33

400 Meters
7. Jessica Akintunde, Stockbridge, 57.71
8. Ebele Okoye, Union Grove, 59.13

800 Meters
3. Jillian Sloane, Woodland, 2:15.49
5. Alyssa LeClaire, McIntosh, 2:19.25
7. Ellunde Montgomery, Union Grove, 2:19.67
8. Tarna Zander-Velloso, McIntosh, 2:23.34

1600 Meters
7. Mary Valli, Starr’s Mill, 5:26.49
11. Emily Simms, Starr’s Mill, 5:29.18

3200 Meters
7. Mary Valli, Starr’s Mill, 12:04.66
13. McIntosh, 12:51.66

100 Meter Hurdles
3. Forest Park, Lauren Epps, 14.64

300 Meters
1. Lauren Epps, Forest Park, 43.03

4×100 Relay
2. Woodland, (Faith Lindsey,Deshae Ricard, DeAndra Greer, Temperance Newsome, Sandra Nwosu), 47.20

DQ- Stockbridge – Baton received too early.

4×400 Relay
3. Woodland (Greer, Newsome, Nwosu, Sloane, Madison Brooks, Faith Lindsey), 3:55.46

5. Forest Park, (Ashley Epps, Lauren Epps, Niaya Smith, Jasmine Wright, Bria Matthews), 3:58.46

High Jump
7. Madeline Hammond, Starr’s Mill, J5-02.00
9. Latesha Locker, Mundy’s Mill, 5-02.00
10. Maya Langdon, Ola, 5-00

Pole Valut
6. Abigail Dickinson, Starr’s Mill, 9-06.00

Long Jump
1. Alexis Farley, Starr’s Mill, 19-5.50
2. Bria Matthews, Forest Park, 19-3.00
10. Tenetra Mullins, Forest Park, 17-00.

Triple Jump
1. Bria Matthews, Forest Park, 43-05.50
2. Alexis Farley, Starr’s Mill, 39.07.75

Shot Put
2. Megan Douglas, Union Grove, 41-08.25
7. Shelby Myers, Starr’s Mill, 36-07.50

5. Megan Douglas, Union Grove, 110-04
14. Stockbridge, Kayla Robinson, 93-10
15. Javon Joyner, Dutchtown, 92-11


100 Meter Dash
6. Imani Clark, Lovejoy, 12.32

300 meter hurdles
6. Toni Edwards, Lovejoy, 45.68


Class A (29 Teams)
1. Our Lady of Mercy (104)
2. ELCA (70)
17. Strong Rock (10)

Class AAA (38 teams)
18. North Clayton (12.33)

Class AAAA (35 Teams)
5. Fayette County (52.50)
8. Eagle’s Landing (28)
13. Hampton (15)
15. Whitewater (10)
21. Mount Zion (7)
24. Henry County (5)
31. Sandy Creek (2)

Class AAAAA (48 teams)
5. Forest Park (38)
6. Starr’s Mill (28.50)
7. Woodland (27)
16. Union Grove (15)
29. McIntosh (5)
44. Drew (2)
44. Stockbridge (2)

Class AAAAAA (42 teams)

26. Lovejoy (7)



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