DUTCHTOWN BULLDOGS: Defensive end Kamrin Camp making the most out of his senior season


Kamrin Camp is back from injury and making his presence felt on the 2-2 Dutchtown Bulldogs' defensive line. (Special Photo)

Kamrin Camp is back from injury and making his presence felt on the 2-2 Dutchtown Bulldogs’ defensive line. (Special Photo)

By Mary Ramsaier

HAMPTON, Ga. —   The Dutchtown Bulldogs have a special leader, competitor and spirit on their team.

This Bulldog, day-in-and day out, is continuously grinding every second he steps on the field for not only himself but the boys standing beside him.

Kamrin Camp is his name. But knowing just his name is only the beginning of understanding why his game time edge is so noticeable on the football field.


There is a story behind Camp’s grind.


The senior defensive end started his junior year off well for the Bulldogs, but his playing time under the Friday Night lights was cut short due to injuries he acquired throughout the season.  That’s why Camp made it a priority during this past offseason to come back stronger than ever for his senior campaign.

And so far, the hard work during the spring and summer seems to be paying dividends this fall.

This year Dutchtown coach Mark Myers moved the 6-foot-3, 220 pounder from offensive tackle to defensive tackle and has not stopped raving about his progress since.


“(Against) Osbourne, he really stuck out,” Myers said. “His technique getting off the ball on time and using his hands (has) really (developed) well.”

So well, in fact, that Camp has been granted the nickname “The Technician” by his coaches and teammates because of his great technique and attention to detail exhibited on the field.

Besides Camp’s ferocious mentality, he has a compassionate heart for his brothers on the field. Camp is that guy who is first to check up on a player when they are down or keep the team rallied between plays.

“He definitely puts the team first,” Myers said.”  “He’s one of the biggest teammates that you can have.”


Camp’s leadership, Myers stated, has also been the answer to a missing team variable from this year’s ball club.

Said Myers: “We were looking for a senior to step up to become a leader, and Kamrin has definitely become one of our leaders.”

With the encouraging words to others along with his mentality to never fear opponents, Kamrin showed his teammates this season against Lovejoy that Dutchtown doesn’t fear anyone they face.

“We get underdogged a lot,” Camp said. “We can compete and beat anyone we face.”


With his senior year of football almost halfway behind him already, Camp is searching for a new home at the next level. And even though Camp has no offers yet, he said his recruitment has rapidly picked up with various schools expressing interest in the versatile athlete. Both Camp and Myers say they’re pretty confident that, with Camp’s leadership, drive and top notch work ethic, finding a place to play in college shouldn’t be a problem.


For now though, Camp continues to focus on his final go-round as a Bulldog. He said he wants to do his best to make proud his family of supporters both on and off the field.

“It’s the greatest to have a support system like (my family)” Camp said.  “They support me every week under the Friday night lights.”



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