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ALL SOUTHERN CRESCENT BUZZ TEAM: Clayton, Fayette county athletes fill prominent places in first all area team

PHOTOS: Jason Mussell and Gabriel Stovall. GRAPHIC: Jason Mussell.

PHOTOS: Jason Mussell and Gabriel Stovall. GRAPHIC: Jason Mussell.

The 2015 football season created some intense moments, tremendous performances and yet another solidifying season to the notion that some of this talent rich state of Georgia’s best athletes reside on Atlanta’s South Side.

Our inaugural All-Southern Crescent football team includes athletes from Henry, Clayton, Fayette and Spalding counties. Our players of the year proved themselves to be game changers who were invaluable to their team’s success.

Although there could be a plausible case made for so many others, we present to you the 2015 Southern Crescent Buzz all area team. Click on the names of our coach and players of the year to read their 2015 stories, and let the debate begin on the rest of our all-area squad.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Tim Floyd (Jonesboro)


CO-DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kali James  Kali James (Jonesboro)

CO-DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Javon Jackson (Sandy Creek)


2015 All-Southern Crescent Buzz Team:


QB — Joseph Newman, Sr., Drew

RB — Rico Frye, Soph., Starr’s Mill

RB —  Montralius Mosley, Sr., Jonesboro

WR — Antonio Gibson, Sr., Eagle’s Landing

WR — Jordan Griffin, Sr., Jonesboro

TE — Aubry Payne, Sr., Locust Grove

OL — Chandler Reeves, Sr., ELCA

OL — Jeff Taylor, Sr., Jonesboro

OL — Chandler Tuitt, Sr., Sandy Creek

OL — Damian Bounds, Stockbridge

OL — Brodarious Hamm, Sr., Spalding

ATH — K’Lin Epps, Sr., Dutchtown

PK — Alex Usry, Soph., ELCA



QB — Zerrick Cooper, Sr., Jonesboro

RB — A.J. Moses., Jr., Spalding

RB — Jalen Holston, Jr., Stockbridge

RB — Trevor Gear, Soph. ELCA

WR — Korey Banks, Sr., Sandy Creek

WR — Marquez Ezzard, Soph., Stockbridge

WR — Bryson Duckworth, Sr., Drew

TE — Parker Mallet, Jr., Sandy Creek

OL — Justin Wade, Jr., Fayette County

OL — Maurice Campbell, Jr., North Clayton

OL — Chris Andrews, Jr., Spalding

OL — Colin Maguire, Sr., Starr’s Mill

OL — Shamarious Gilmore, Sr., Drew

ATH — Marvin Hubbard, Soph., Sandy Creek



DL — Charles Wiley, Sr., Stockbridge

DL — D.J. Forte, Sr., Sandy Creek

DL — Terry Thomas, Sr., Luella

DL — Chris Henderson, Sr., Lovejoy

LB — Chase Burette, Sr., ELCA

LB — Will Harper, Sr., Sandy Creek

LB — Owen Peacock, Sr., Mcintosh

LB — David Brown, Sr., Stockbridge

DB — Yusuf Corker, Soph., Woodland

DB — Sean Harper, Sr., Fayette County

DB — Kindle Vildor, Sr., North Clayton

DB — Mychael Jenkins, Jr., Sandy Creek

P — Parker Romo, Sr., McIntosh



DL — Joshua James, Sr., Jonesboro

DL — Ja’Tavien Weems, Sr., Dutchtown

DL — Dalton Hardeman, Sr. ELCA

DL — Chidi Okonya, Sr., Riverdale

LB — Keystone Lowery, Jr., Luella

LB — Garrett Houston, Sr. =, Starr’s Mill

LB — Dezmond Harris, Jr., Jonesboro

DB — Marcel Ray, Sr., Starr’s Mill

DB — Khalid Hylton, Sr., Mundy’s Mill

DB — DeAundre Alford, Sr., Spalding

DB — Isaac Appling, Sr., Sandy Creek

P — Cameron Corley, Sr., Ola

HONORABLE MENTION: Tru Thompson, Griffin; D.J. Hammond, ELCA; Raytheon Braynen, Lovejoy; Hunter Griffin,; Jason Sears, Jonesboro; Whitewater; Martel Waugh, Jr., Eagles Landing; Dominique Joseph, Henry County; Caleb Huntley, Locust Grove; Zion Custis, Lovejoy; Parker Brewer, Strong Rock; Antonio Trapp, Sandy Creek; Naricuss Dryver, Spalding; Roderick Russaw, Eagle’s Landing; Josh Mays, ELCA; Marvin Hubbard, Sandy Creek; Jaelon Greene, Sandy Creek; Cam Merrit, ELCA; Ali Hill, North Clayton; Chris Rodriguez, Ola; Champ Leddon, Locust Grove; Taylor Hodge, Whitewater; Malcolm Easterwood, Fayette County; Marquarius Crutchfield, Mundy’s Mill; Khaleb Hood, ELCA.