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GHSA STATEMENT: State championship basketball games ‘to stand as they were played and competed’

By Gabriel Stovall

An official statement released early Friday afternoon by the Georgia High School Association says there will be no change or alteration of the results in last week’s state championship basketball games in Macon.

At the same time, another tweet showed a petition has been started asking Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia General Assembly to step in, calling for the resignation of GHSA president Dr. Glenn White, and to create a joint study committee to further investigate the issues in last week’s games, as well as the GHSA’s structure in general.

As of early Friday afternoon the petition has received 20 out of 100 signatures, along with several commenters on the petition’s homepage backing the petition and demanding a more in-depth response than what GHSA has offered so far.

Right now, it’s unclear what all would take place after the petition reaches its 100 signature goal. But one thing is clear: Parents, coaches and fans of Georgia high school student athletes are not willing to allow this issue to be swept under the rug.