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MARY RAMSAIER: Q&A With Michigan pitcher and Union Grove alum Megan Betsa

Megan Betsa

Megan Betsa (PHOTO: Courtesy of

By Mary Ramsaier

Falling short of the College World Series, Michigan pitcher Megan Betsa shares her softball experiences as she starts her final year playing for Big Blue. 

Betsa graduated from Union Grove High School in McDonough, GA where she won state championship and was the National Gatorade Player of the year as a senior. She also pitched the ELCA Chargers to a state crown as a freshman. As she transitioned into college, she realized her thrill for softball just had begun.


SCBuzz: You and your Michigan squad came up short in the Women’s College World Series. First, how did it feel for you guys to even get to that point, and how disappointed were you when you came short of the series?

Megan Betsa: “It’s tough to get there. Just to even get there means a lot. It means we were one of the top teams at the end of the seasons. Obviously, we wanted to win it all, but we came up a little short.”

SCBuzz: What have you learned about yourself as a pitcher and just as a person since being at Michigan?

MB: “I’ve learned that it takes confidence. When I came in, I really didn’t know what to expect. It is a lot of mentality and a lot of positivity you have to have. Just because you are good in high school doesn’t mean you’ll be good at the college level. I learned I had to work hard for what I wanted.”

SCBuzz: How did your time at ELCA, and particularly Union Grove prepare you to handle the rigors of big time college softball?

MB:“For the most part, I played on teams that always played their best competition we could play in our area. We play in really tough class and region. I had a lot of good players on my team that made me push myself to be the best player on the team.”

SCBuzz: Just recently a professional softball player signed the sports first $1 million contract. What does that say about the way softball is starting to be accepted as a mainstream sport? 

MB:“It helps for the girls that are coming up. It lets them know that it is possible. Everyone wants equal pay also, it doesn’t mean it will happen, but it is a good step in the right direction to get there.”

SCBuzz:Where do you see the sport growing into the next few years? 

MB: “I think more fans are going to get in touch with it and people that never have watched are going to start watching. It is an interesting game and fast pace. It is different than baseball. You got to look out for it”

SCBuzz: What are your plans once you’re done at Michigan? Do you want to continue playing the game?

MB: “I thought about both: playing or not playing. I will just have to see where it takes me.”

SCBuzz: Who is the toughest hitter you’ve ever pitched against?

MB: “Sierra Romero. She can hit any pitch in the zone or out of the zone. Her being on my team made me even better.”

SCBuzz: How often do you still keep tabs on your old high school team?

MB: My three best friends I have played for 6 or 7 years. We keep in touch all the time. I still talk to some of the girls I play high school ball with. That’s what this sports allows to have special friendships for a lifetime.