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PREP FOOTBALL: Five Questions with Sandy Creek RB Jaelen Greene


By Gabriel Stovall



Our season’s first “Five Questions Feature” takes us to Sandy Creek running back Jaelen Greene. The 5-foot-11, 205 pound tailback is part of a trio of talented backs the Patriots hope to ride into a 15th straight postseason berth. Greene rushed for 188 yards on 31 carries and a touchdown during Sandy Creek’s 48-35 loss to Fort Dorchester (SC) during the Corky Kell Classic at Georgia Southern. Greene is committed to Cincinnati. 


SCBuzz: How did it feel for you to get back out on the field in real game action, even though the end result wasn’t what you wanted?

GREENE: “First of all, it was real tough to lose that game. We fought hard on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball. But we’ve got a lot of young guys who are trying to fill in for guys like Javon Jackson, Will Harper. You know, a lot of our corners left to, so we’ve got a lot of young guys filling in a lot of big shoes. We just got to get them on point and we’ll be alright. We’ll be straight. I think those guys are there, but they’re just lacking a little experience right now.”

SCBuzz: It seems like Sandy Creek’s flying under the radar a little bit this season. Perhaps you’re not getting as much pub as you used to. How are you guys responding to that?

GREENE: “We know that we’re really the underdogs right now. We understand that people think that. Just try to get better every week as a whole. We don’t involve ourselves in all that stuff that people talk about. We just work at the little things. To be honest, I think we’re one of the best teams in the state. We can beat anybody if we put the pieces together, but it’s the little things that get us beat. Just like Saturday, it’s little things like not listening in practice to plays, not being in right positions. People not stepping up as leaders and explaining to them their roles. We just didn’t communicate well at times this past Saturday.”

SCBuzz: How do you feel you have gotten better over the last year?

GREENE: “I think I got better by getting my speed up, and my footwork straight. I’ve improved my quickness, and I’m more aware of the field. I’m learning how to hit holes faster, and in between the tackles, I got good at that. Just working at more explosion type things.”

SCBuzz: Is it hard to handle being in an offense with so many talented backs?

GREENE: “I think it’s very cool. All three of us bring something different to the table. Drezyn is the quickest, Marvin is the fastest, and I may be the strongest. We all can help the team in some type of role. We’re very hard to stop. I think we’re one of the best trios in the state, actually. Individually we’re some of the top running backs around. When you’ve got the strength, then quickness comes and then you got the speed coming, it’s very hard for people to stop. But we’re also very competitive with each other, but we don’t let that hurt our friendships. We compete, though. All dogs are gonna compete.”

SCBuzz: You’re currently committed to Cincinnati. What was it about the Bearcats that put them over the top for you, and how solid is your commitment to them?

GRENNE: “When I went on the visit, it was a very big city and very nice campus. Coach Roman came to get me and showed me around the campus. Its a very big campus which I like. I was very impressed. They took me to the Lindner Center, and the student’s center. It’s like this building that’s four stories high. And when I met with (Coach Tommy) Tuberville, I talked with him briefly. I told him that this is where I wanted my home to be. The visit was crazy and I really loved it. The (offensive coordinator) come from the Miami Dolphins and he sat me down in the offense room and showed me how he would use me when I got there. It really meant a lot to me. So, yes, right now, I feel very solid. I’m 100 percent committed to the University of Cincinnati.”




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