Q&A With former Eagle’s Landing star Antonio Gibson


Former Eagle's Landing High standout, Antonio Gibson is still running away from defenders, even at the collegiate level. (Jeff Hurndon Photography)

Former Eagle’s Landing High standout, Antonio Gibson is still running away from defenders, even at the collegiate level. (Jeff Hurndon Photography)

Antonio Gibson is proving that the “B” in Plan B may actually stand for “best” — as in the best possible outcome for the talented former Eagle’s Landing star.

Gibson will enter his second season at East Central Community College in Decatur, Miss., and he has continued the electrifying play in college that Southern Crescent football fans grew accustomed to seeing while the 6-foot-2, 194 pound slash player was in high school.

Gibson was impressive at East Central during his first season, registering 29 catches for 563 receiving yards and nine touchdown grabs while helping East Central to a 5-5 record in 2016. Gibson continues to show his penchant for the big play with his 19.4 yards-per-catch average.

And while every high school football standout dreams of going D-1 right out of high school, given the presence of NCAA Power Five conference schools currently on his offer list, it looks like the scenic route to Division I football will get Gibson exactly where he wants to be.

Southern Crescent Buzz  editor Gabriel Stovall was graciously granted the opportunity to speak with Gibson recently to catch up with him on his collegiate progress.


STOVALL: What has life after Eagles Landing been like for you? How would you describe your time in college so far both on and off the field?

GIBSON: “It’s been ok. It’s a struggle trying to get used to the JUCO lifestyle. College has been a good time for me, though. It’s stressful, but there are definitely more positives than negatives being in college. Football wise, though, I love it. I’m playing against some of the best talent, getting to see where I stand and adjusting to the speed (of the game). It’s been pretty good.”

STOVALL: How many offers do you have right now and what are they? If you had a top 5, what would it be?

GIBSON: “I currently have 10 offers right now from schools like Memphis, Mississippi State, Colorado, West Virginia, FAU, GA State, Southern Miss, Troy, Syracuse and I don’t have a top five. I’m just patiently waiting to see what else is in store for me.”

STOVALL: How have you improved as a player and as a person since leaving high school?

GIBSON: “Improving as a person, I would say it’s been through responsibility. In college you don’t have someone telling you to do this and do that. You pretty much have to take ownership of your actions. That’s been a big change for me.”

STOVALL: What is summer been like for you? What have you been doing to prepare for a new football season?

GIBSON: “Summer has been full of school work that’s helping me prepare to get out in December. And it’s been full of workouts and training to prepare for next season. Just a lot of running, trying to slim down and stay conditioned.”

STOVALL: What exactly are you looking for in your next college choice? How has going the JUCO route helped you?

GIBSON: “I’m looking for a program that best fits my style of play, of course. But also somewhere I can improve on and off the field, also somewhere I can feel at home.  JUCO has helped a lot. It teaches you a lot because everything isn’t given to you. You have to learn and adapt quick or it will be tough for you. It’s been a major struggle, but it’s bringing me many more blessings.”



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