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Q&A With former Jonesboro and Tennessee star CB Cam Sutton


Former Jonesboro and Tennessee star Cam Sutton should find himself in a pretty favorable position once the NFL Draft comes in April. (File Photo)

Former Jonesboro and Tennessee star Cam Sutton should find himself in a pretty favorable position once the NFL Draft comes in April. (File Photo)

The Jonesboro Cardinals’ Senior Night festivities on Saturday night were adorned with lots of familiar faces — some alumni  from as far back as 2002 and 2003, according to boys hoops coach Dan Maehlman, showed up to respect the Jonesboro boys basketball program which has become a high school juggernaut over the last four years. Much of that has to do with the player who got the most accolades during the last four years, and that’s senior James “M.J.” Walker.

One of those alums, former Tennessee defensive back Cam Sutton, was on hand Saturday night, soaking up what he called the Jonesboro atmosphere feel. We at the Southern Crescent Buzz caught up with Sutton for a few moments about his feelings on being back at his old high school, and what’s next for him as he gets ready for the NFL Draft.

SCBUZZ: What’s next for Cam Sutton?

CAM SUTTON: “Right now just, you know, getting ready for that next stage. I’m in Florida training right now. Just finished up with the senior bowl last week. It was a great week. I really enjoyed it. I’ve got the combine in the first week of March, so you know, just handling my business there, the pro day and then when it comes down to the Draft, we’ll just see where I end up at. Just enjoying it over all.”

SCBUZZ: How do the workouts differ for what you do in game.

SUTTON: “It’s a big difference, the workouts are. It’s more of a demand than when you’re just preparing for the regular season. But now it’s kind of just stepping back and focusing on the little things, like the small details that help you perfect your craft overall. You know, at this point, especially combine time, It’s just about making sure everything I do is technique sound.”

SCBUZZ: What does it feel like to be back in the Jonesboro gymnaisum?

SUTTON: “It’s amazing. I thought we weren’t gonna be able to make it because my sister had a game earlier, but it’s definitely great to get back see a lot of familiar faces. We’re a family, and to see a lot of kids growing up on senior night, man. When I was in my senior year, a lot of these guys were in middle school or just coming into high school, so it’s definitely good to see how they’ve grown.”

SCBUZZ: From your perspective, why has MJ been such a great player, and how good does it feel to see him a part of this Jonesboro tradition?

SUTTON: “I knew he always had it in him from the first day I met him. He’s a self-driven person, humble guy. His work ethic is incredible. The same person he is on the court he’s the same off the court as well. Just how he carries himself, and there’s just a lot that people look up to with him, and I’ve tried to instill that in him as well. It’s about making it a daily routine. People are always gonna remember what you did on the court, but the kind of person he is off the court, and to see all the kids that look up to him, it’s just a blessing to see that.”

SCBUZZ: Is being here reminding you of how your time at Jonesboro and even at Tennessee has done to prepare you for the next level?

SUTTON: “Oh, definitely. It’s molded me into the person I am today. There’s still so many messages and just life long things I can take with me. My time here humbled me and got me to where I am today. And, of course, I didn’t do it alone. There are a lot of people,all of them put in the time and effort to help me get to where I am, and I really appreciate those people. Just the love, care and respect people showed me at Jonesboro, and still showed me when I went to Tennessee has just been wonderful.



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