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Drew senior Quarderman Sloan was one of the leading rushers in Georgia this season. (PHOTO: Jason Mussell)

Drew senior Quarderman Sloan was one of the leading rushers in Georgia this season. (PHOTO: Jason Mussell)

Quarderman Sloan


SCHOOL: Drew Titans

THE VITALS: 5-foot-9, 175 pounds

2015 STATS: Sloan rushed for 2,265 yards on 206 carries through 13 games. He averaged an eye-popping 11.0 yards per carry, and tallied 28 rushing touchdowns. In addition, he caught 16 balls for 119 receiving yards.

WHY SLOAN: No other offensive player in the Southern Crescent showed such a consistent cache of offensive explosion than Sloan. In fact, the consensus of our staff was that no one had a more impressive or impactful season for his team than Sloan. In a year where the four-county area was stacked with elite talent at running back — not to mention the slash skills of Eagle’s Landing’s Antonio Gibson — there were a plethora of possible choices. But Sloan’s production and how it fueled the Titans to an unprecedented postseason finish are at the top of the list of reasons why we chose Sloan.

OTHERS CONSIDERED: Antonio Gibson, Eagle’s Landing; Zerrick Cooper, Jonesboro; Rico Frye, Starr’s Mill; Montralius Mosley, Jonesboro; Naricuss Dryver, Spalding.


SCBuzz: You said at the beginning of the year that you felt you could eclipse the production of last year’s Drew running back star Marquis Terry. Now at season’s end, are you even a little surprised at your production?

SLOAN: “Well I was expecting it but now that it’s happened, it’s kind of unbelievable that I was able to accomplish what I was able to accomplish. It’s one thing when you’re knowing that you can do it, and dreaming about it and thinking about it, but when the reality of it comes, it’s different. I keep looking back at it and it’s kind of hard to believe.”

SCBuzz: What do you attribute to your ability to create so many big plays this year?

SLOAN: “It’s definitely the offensive line and Coach Dixon calling plays and keeping us in position to do great things on offense. I give them all the credit.”

SCBuzz: Last year with Marquis you were more of a threat as a receiver coming out of the backfield. How hard of an adjustment was it for you to see your duties shift to being a featured back?

SLOAN: “When I first got here at Drew, I was playing the A-back. They didn’t wanna move (Marquis) from where he was, which was cool. But this year when I knew what I’d be, I just wanted to do more and help the team more. The move to being the main guy didn’t really phase me like that, because I knew it was gonna come, so I was ready for it.”

SCBuzz: What would you say was your biggest team moment or most memorable team highlight?

SLOAN: “Definitely playing Carver. It was a playoff game and people didn’t think we could do beat them, and coming off a win against Woodland to get into the playoffs, it was our first first playoff game won in school history so it was pretty cool.”

SCBuzz: Did the success you guys had as a team catch you off guard?

SLOAN: “Well, no. We always expect to be great and go far. For some people it may have been a surprise, but to us we already knew it because we knew what we could do. We weren’t that surprised.”

SCBuzz: What would you say was your favorite personal highlight?

SLOAN: “I’d probably say the run I had against Fayette County. It was the season opener, and people were looking at our offense and saying this or that and wondering what I’m going to do. It was an up the middle run, I had a guard pulling, and at first there didn’t seem to be anything over there, but once I got past the linebackers I was thinking I could really score. I think I had like 300 rushing yards in the first half of that game before they took me out.”

SCBuzz: Your biggest takeaway from four years at Drew High School?

SLOAN: “Always be humble, and just be yourself at all times. Never get above yourself, Stay true and expect the unexpected.”

SCBuzz: What are you going to miss most about playing there?

SLOAN: “Man, Everything. The coaches, the players, the school. You don’t really think about it until it’s over. Now that it’s over it’s like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe it’s all done.’”

SCBuzz: We’ve noticed that you don’t really do the social media thing like so many athletes do. Why is that?

SLOAN: “It’s just really something I just don’t find interest in. It’s so easy to get on there and say the wrong thing, or someone takes something you say the wrong way and it creates confusion and commotion. And that’s something I’m really not about.”

SCBuzz: Does it bother you that colleges have kind of been sleeping on you from the recruiting angle?

SLOAN: “Nah, not really. Right now I’m just waiting and talking to my parents and just keeping up on opportunities that may present themselves. I’ll be playing in the North Georgia vs. South Georgia all-star game, so that’s an opportunity. A lot of times, people will see me somewhere and they’ll say something, or tell me they’ll keep in touch. But right now, I’m just looking for what’s best and what fits me.”

SCBuzz: Finally, what legacy do you think you’ve left behind for the young Titans coming up behind you?

SLOAN: “They’ve seen what we’ve accomplished. They’re gonna try to do the same thing. They know the expectation. They know what Drew is all about and how the expectations have now been raised. They’re going to be fine.”



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