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Micah Stovall: How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted a 9-year old

On March 12, 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic started to officially affect Clayton County Public School. The coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic shut down almost every school in the state of Georgia which had either cancelled their school year or had completely gone virtual because of the pandemic. 

This virus also shutdown professional sports entirely and sports companies like the NHL, NFL, MLB etc. This took away a lot of the fans/ticket revenue from these companies, especially the NBA. 

The NBA’s 6-month hiatus really had a hit for their money. The crazy part about this is Cam Reddish (I am talking about Cam Reddish because I am a Hawks fan) started to get on a hot streak in the 2020 season with averages of 18.3 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.7 assists. He still could not make a free throw, but that’s okay. And as a fan of a struggling organization like the Hawks, I really enjoyed that hot streak in 2020 before the pandemic. 

Cam Reddish #22 of the Atlanta Hawks controls the ball during the second half of an NBA game against the Charlotte Hornets at State Farm Arena on March 9, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. | Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Ok I was on a ramble. I’m sorry.

Getting back on topic, the NBA lost around 350-450 million dollars combining gate and ticket revenue (via Google) during that shutdown. Even though they had this massive pay cut, some people still thought they should not return for the rest of the season. However the NBA denied this and restarted the 2019-2020 NBA season in a bubble system. After three months of that, and after the NBA finals taking place in that bubble, the Lakers won the championship 4 games to 2 against the Miami Heat. 

Just think. When the Covid-19 virus ran havoc on the world in general, we thought there would be no sports. And after six months of horror with no sports, we were able to crown a champion in the NBA. That’s amazing to me.

This virus also affected me from school because, as I said earlier, school had to shut down for two days. I remember the day we left school early when news spread that this virus is very contagious. Not only that, my basketball seasons at school and at the Forest Park rec were cut short. But we won our last game at the rec before things got canceled so I just say that was our championship. 

Micah Stovall, a 2019 AAU National Champion as a part of Georgia Elite Taekwondo’s Forest Park-based martial arts program, prepares for board breaking competition during last year’s virtual national’s. | Photo by Gabriel Stovall

I also went a long time without fighting a tournament in taekwondo since after the U.S. Open last March, but hopefully that will change soon. (It has)

This has been a crazy year, but I still have been working to become better at what I do. And it’s cool to see other pro athletes and college athletes doing it too.

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Gabriel Stovall

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